Diagnosing A Dyslexic Child
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Diagnosis of dyslexia is crucial in addressing this condition appropriately. This is especially so because a dyslexic child is often misdiagnosed, as some other conditions can present with similar signs and symptoms.

Dyslexia can be diagnosed using:

Test Methods - IQ Test + Reading Test

Two tests are usd to assess a child presenting with dyslexia-like symptoms. Firstly, an IQ test is performed followed by a reading test. A dyslexic child would present with an average/above average IQ test result, but fare poorly in the reading test.

"Checklist" Method

This method is when a checklist of questions created by experts is used to assess a child for any indication of dyslexia.

Methods of diagnosis can vary to include even screening tests using computer games and so on.

The best thing to do when your child presents with signs and symptoms of dyslexia is to approach a healthcare professional to confirm or eliminate the diagnosis.

The earlier the diagnosis of dyslexia is made, the better. This is especially so because research has shown that the best out come for a dyslexic child would be when the condition is detected and dealt with early.